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Business Excellence

We are a family-owned enterprise. We greatly value every individual and stand up for each other. We think in the long term and act at extremely high speed. Our processes are very structured and systematic with short decision-making paths. We approach the objectives we develop as a team with figures, data and facts.


Managing change

We want to drive change instead of being driven by it. This is particularly important in todays world, which is characterised by high-speed and transformation. Hörnlein is highly digitised since many years and has always been known for extremely dynamic processes. Thanks to our team of open-minded as well as fast-thinking individuals we are a master of change.

Digital Transformation
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The EFQM Model

The EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) Model is the guideline for all our actions. It supports change management and improves performance by asking the three fundamental questions "why?", "how?" and "what?". The basic principle (the "red thread") of the EFQM model is the link between an organization's purpose, vision and strategy, and how this enables it to create sustainable value and achieve outstanding results for the stakeholders it recognizes as important.

EFQM Model.png


  • Why does the organization exist?

  • Why does it pursue the current strategy?


  • How does the organization intend to achieve its purpose and implement its strategy?


  • What has the organisation achieved so far?

  • What does it want to achieve in the future 


Shop Floor Management

Target-oriented and productive meetings are essential in day-to-day project work which is based on the division of labor. Therefore, we at Hörnlein introduced the so-called Shop Floor Meetings many years ago. They follow the Lean Production Principles, which are in the project management world quite similar to the Daily Scrum or Stand-Up Meetings. The goal of the 15-minute morning meetings is to ensure that the work content agreed upon in the various project teams is provided in a timely manner by the various departments. Furthermore, work results and challenges are discussed in an open manner.


In addition to the open and autonomous culture, structural elements are added according to the "measure it or forget it" principle to ensure an effective exchange of information. In this context, the various project contents are filtered by means of self-developed apps for the different departments and presented in Power BI visuals showing relevant KPIs. Furthermore, any employee can place critical issues on a so-called "focus board" to receive support from the cascaded management shop floor meetings.


At Hörnlein, we are particularly proud of our "Themenkarte" (topic card), which provides everyone the opportunity to briefly coordinate across departmental boundaries by the use of a sophisticated method.

Thanks to the infrastructure developed, we were and are able to easily manage the Covid pandemic in our daily routines.  In addition, our Hörnlein employees can collaborate efficiently and effectively as well as interactively from any location.

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