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Company Culture

We enjoy spending time at Hörnlein as much as with our friends because they way we work together makes us unique. 


We are boss

The Hörnlein leadership system is geared towards self-organised leadership based on clear rules and with maximum personal responsibility and initiative on the part of employees. Employees love the opportunities for development and the optimal interaction of the teams and the playful success with which we inspire customers and live our vision. 



How we work

We perceive the social working environment as so safe that, supported by openness and trust, we live an open feedback culture and thereby support each other in the growth of skills.

We organize our work independently in teams based on responsibility, initiative and transparency. We feel joy when we inspire our customers with our speed, know-how and unexpected solutions.  

We are proud to make a significant contribution to the preservation of our planet's resources and to a better climate with our work. 

Because we and Hörnlein develop a little bit every day, each of us is satisfied and looks to the future with confidence. 

Our Values

Hörnlein always has the satisfaction of its stakeholders in mind and inspires through proactive actions based on our value system. We live Hörnlein values in a way that can be experienced every day and is the ideal basis for the development of all our employees in accordance with our vision. 

We are a family business and closely connected with our employees. We are living the sense of unity.

We operate sustainably, long-term and profit-oriented.

We create quality of life based on responsibility, fairness and transparency.

We are reliable and credible. We stand by our word.

We are committed, act on our own initiative and are consistent in the pursuit of our goals.

We strive for long-term and sustainable partnerships with our business partners.

We are future-oriented and always approach challenges with dynamism and heart.

We think globally, live cultural diversity and cultivate regional roots at our sites.

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