We love technology! Want to help build the car of the future? The automotive supply industry is one of Germany's strongest branches of trade and the world's top one. You can also be involved right at the front lines. By getting a top education at Hörnlein! By getting an education with us you will become part of the team and learn how to handle the latest technologies and skills from the widest variety of areas.

Vocational education

The company educates – Employment opportunities after graduation include:

  • toolmaker
  • cutting machine operator
  • industrial management assistant
  • IT management assistant

Study support

Hörnlein offers cooperative education options in the following disciplines:

  • Engineering
  • Engineering management
  • Economics
  • Business informatics
  • Informatics/Internet of Things

The company also has work placement options for those disciplines and supports bachelor and master theses. We look forward to hiring students who earn their degrees in this way as well. Many of our current employees joined our company in this way.

Moreover, in all fields of study, the company enables internships and supports bachelor and master thesis. This also applies here: after successful completion, we look forward to taking you over. Many of our employees today have come to us in this way.

Further information

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