The Hörnlein Excellence Model, the framework of our company culture

How do we as a family-owned enterprise live our values and our cohesion? We are different from a large corporation. We are a family-owned enterprise. We know and value each other personally and stand up for each other. We think in the long term. At the same time we work efficiently and quickly - very quickly, in fact. This is done without hectic and stressful situations but rather in a completely relaxed way. How? With a very structured and systematic procedure and short decision-making paths. We focus on our objectives developed together in the team with figures, data and facts. We do not have any endless meetings without content and without results. A short break during work in our open atrium under the awning with a cappuccino? Sure! The sitting areas with lounge furniture create a place for relaxation during work and can naturally also be reserved as a "conference room". We live out an open error culture. Did something not perform optimally? It's not so bad. We will learn from it and become better. Totally relaxed. Having fun with and at work is very important to us.

These are all aspects which are deeply anchored in our Hörnlein Excellence Model.

Perfection, creativity and dynamics. Yes, these can be combined!

The production system at Hörnlein combines the aspects of lean management and Six Sigma within the context of Industry 4.0 and the "smart factory". Suddenly everyone wants to work with big and smart data? Great! We have been systematically collecting the hoard of our data from production for over 18 years and are excited to support and automate this in better and better ways with the new information technology options.

Management 4.0.

Hörnlein is managed similarly to IT companies in Silicon Valley: in a flat hierarchy and with a high degree of self-organisation and personal responsibility. Even executives do not feel that their role is to give instructions but rather to act as coaches and moderators. Management 4.0, a tool of the Hörnlein Excellence Model, defines the clear rules which are necessary for such a liberal management model.