Process development

Hörnlein has consistently developed from a manufacturing specialist for high-precision sheet metal forming into an expert in numerous manufacturing processes. Due to our highly qualified employees, our many years of experience and last but not least our systematic approach in tapping into new technologies, we are among the global leaders in numerous manufacturing technologies. This means that our customers do need require an entire portfolio of suppliers with various specialisations. Whether forming technology, cutting or joining and connection technologies such as soldering and welding. Hörnlein develops the right manufacturing process for the right product. All from a single source.

In-house automation solutions - the smart factory

Our internal mechanical engineering support the consistent focus on assemblies and systems at Hörnlein. Automation solutions from Hörnlein network and interlink the widest variety of manufacturing technologies. Fully automated in time and flow. Industry 4.0 and the smart factory have enabled completely new options for networking and interlinking: Individual manufacturing cells are made part of a flowing communicating system through Industry 4.0.

Automation of assembly modules
Automation of various production technologies
Fully automated in cycle and flow
Smart Factory