Product development

Lateral thinking. Networking. Looking at the world from a different perspective. These are things which we can do pretty well. We excite our customers in particular in the early conceptual phase in which there are still many degrees of freedom. Why use benchmark products such as intricate and expensive cast parts? We would realise the same function through deep-drawn parts in combination with formed piping components. We spare weight and costs. A special dampener needs to be developed to protect an assembly against pulsations? There are many standard solutions for this, but we have an idea for it...  

It excites us to contribute our knowledge to fundamental concepts. This is often achieved by tapping into unforeseen optimisation potentials. Our single-source approach and our in-depth expertise in areas such as punching, deep drawing, pipe processing, cutting, assembly, soldering, welding and much more, we not only know precisely how a design must be laid out in order to meet customer specifications, we also get the maximum out of a manufacturing process. Hörnlein makes product developments possible which were previously unachievable.

Calculations and prototypes

We are happy to create calculations and analyses and perform qualified tests and product validations. We have numerous options for creating prototypes from experimental and close-to-production tools. Want to hold an assembly in your hands as quickly as possible? Rapid prototyping including 3D scanning and 3D printing with the aid of various generative manufacturing processes is available for this. Perfect concepts and validations for perfect products in zero-defect high-volume production.

Part simulation

Hörnlein possesses various software tools for realistic simulation of both product designs as well as manufacturing processes. Simulations of vibration behaviour and fatigue resistance behaviour as well as deformability behaviour and heat conduction behaviour

Part simulation inhouse
Inhouse construction
assemblies simulation

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