Deep drawing

Hörnlein has perfected the technology of deep drawing. Things which were inconceivable yesterday are standard with us today. Deep drawing is used to form sheet metal into a part in multiple stages on a forming press. Hörnlein's special features are its precision and speed. How precise? Do you think that tolerances of the width of a human hair are small? We are even more precise!

Deep drawing enables thin-walled hollow constructions typical for automotive assemblies to be efficiently manufactured. We work with such high precision that post-production machining can be avoided in many cases. Some parts look as though they underwent additional post-production machining - but they didn't! Special processes are used at Hörnlein which make follow-up machining unnecessary.

That is a secret which gives us great pride. Hörnlein develops and manufactures the forming tools itself.


Gearbox control sleeve
High pressure pump valve casing
Fuel injection technology pot
Thermal management guide
Gearbox control magnet housing
Automatic gearbox magnet housing
Steering sensor carrier

Deep drawing technology

Machine type Progressive and transfer presses with up to 21 stations
Press capacity 63 t to 630 t
Processable materials Non-alloyed, alloyed and stainless steel as well as non-ferrous metals, primarily aluminium
Material thickness 0,4 mm to 4 mm

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