Numerous punched parts are used in automotive assemblies. Hörnlein is proficient in even complex punch outlines and the punching of curved metal sheets. Deep drawing and punching are often performed in sequential steps in a system. Additional stations for stamping are also sometimes added. The special Hörnlein technology makes it possible to avoid post-production machining in this area as well, which entails significant cost benefits. Hörnlein develops and manufactures the punching and stamping tools itself.

Punching technology

Machine type Automatic punching presses
Press capacity 40 t to 400 t
Processable materials Non-alloyed, alloyed and stainless steels as well as non-ferrous metals, primarily aluminium
Material thickness 0.4 mm to 6 mm


Tilting lever single part
Injection pump holder
Selector lever slider
Suction pipe support
Steering guard housing
Steering spacer disk Steering spacer disk
Diesel filter single part
Fuel filter cover
Fuel filter cover

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