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New Mobility

Technology fascinates us. The automotive industry is particularly fascinating. We have a broad portfolio of manufacturing know-how and know precisely how the system required by the customer works. We develop outstanding designs practically from the bottom up. Optimal functionality at optimal costs. Making the impossible possible? Making a function in a car work for the first time ever? That is particularly exciting for us. Our customers receive from us what otherwise only an entire portfolio of suppliers could offer.


Batteries for electric vehicles are temperature-sensitive. When temperatures are low they do not supply any energy and when overheated they are destroyed. Furthermore, depending on the time of year electric propulsion systems do not produce sufficient heat to properly regulate the temperature in the passenger compartment. Hörnlein helps to develop assemblies for special thermal management in the field of e-mobility and mass produces them. How does a battery cell become intelligent? How are battery cells connected? For the design and development of battery cells, Hörnlein works closely together with its customers.

Super Clean Diesel

Until the full electrification of the market there is a broad mix of propulsion solutions. Hörnlein flexibly offers optimal solutions in all market scenarios. Super clean diesel is becoming the most environmentally friendly concept of the latest generation in the transition phase of automotive propulsion systems. The combination of the highest expertise in the area of sheet metal forming such as deep drawing, cutting and fully automated assembly enables optimal designs. Our company supplies tube assemblies for an even more efficient SCR technology (urea technology) for NOx reduction, among other things. Hörnlein's expertise is thereby a key part of the new super clean diesel concept.

Gasoline Engines

Fuel economy, downsizing and reducing emissions are the mega-trends in the latest generation of gasoline engines. The development and production of media-carrying components which are subject to high pressure is a particular challenge in terms of manufacturing technology. Hörnlein particularly stands out in this area with its specific know-how regarding the processing of metal tubes combined with high-precision sheet metal forming and cutting. Additionally, we have decade long experience in assembly in connection with welding and brazing. Tube assemblies are used for products such as fuel rails for high-pressure fuel injection as well as high-pressure pumps.

Hybrid propulsion systems

Hybridisation, fuel economy, downsizing and reducing emissions are the mega-trends of the future. Among other things, Hörnlein develops and produces assemblies with media-carrying components in this area. The company supplies the widest variety of assemblies for the electric drive part, e.g. for the thermal management of batteries.

Lightweight Constructions

Lighter, more stable and more solid. Designs which are not weight-optimised and involve heavy materials can only be substituted with aluminium or composite materials if the design and manufacturing processes change as well. Hörnlein approaches lightweight construction with its expertise spanning across the entire manufacturing chain.

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