Shop floor management – visual management in all departments

Do you have to urgently coordinate with team members and colleagues from other departments again and again but can't find any available appointment times in Outlook? Do you have a problem but can't find any support? Do you always have the phone stuck to your ear? That is not the case with us. We exchange information in a highly efficient way every day in just 15-minute stand-up meetings with the aid of our shop floor visualisations. We use all media from paper to various monitors and interactive whiteboards for this. Even colleagues at other locations are interactively present. This makes it cross-departmental, which is precisely how we need it to be. Each group is kept as small as possible. Nevertheless, everyone will be present who would otherwise have to be sought out for coordination in a time-consuming manner. We do this every day and in every department from Sales to Development, Controlling, etc. all the way to Production. Everyone knows about the essential things. 15 minutes are not enough and there is need for coordination? Then we draw a topic map and meet in a small group in the lounge or in the sitting area in front of the interactive monitor. A colleague is at a different location? Or the colleague is currently on a business trip, at the home office or in a co-working space? Hörnlein employees can work interactively from any location in the world. It then feels almost as though everyone were in the same room.

Measure it or forget it!

Figures, data, facts. We do not have any endless boring meetings with stories and monologues from individuals. We are a team. Shop floor management at Hörnlein only presents facts which are relevant to our everyday work, are measurable and can be changed in actions. Everything that remains vague is unimportant. "Measure it or forget it" is the rule. This keeps things fun, avoids misunderstandings and creates free time for creative ideas and development.

Talking. A quarter hour every day.

The most important things in a company are its people. Do things become stressful and complex when so many people are working together? It doesn't have to be that way. We live out a cooperative culture and allow for leeway on the basis of clear rules and standards. Most of all, we must talk to each other: check understanding and check consensus. Is everyone on board? Does it fit? We are a team. This team sensibility is experienced every day in 15-minute stand-up meetings connecting us throughout the entire company.

Shop floor management at Hörnlein
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