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Strategy and Vision

Hörnlein is committed to climate positivity in all its actions. Protecting the planet with climate-positive business cycles is the maxim of all actions at Hörnlein

OUR PURPOSE: With passion and technology for a better future.

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Together we realise product ideas at high speed and world-class level. Outstanding manufacturing know-how and technology enable cradle-to-cradle products and global, climate-positive serial production.

The 21st century - a challenging time



  • Consequences of climate change and associated political as well as social influences that are difficult to calculate

  • Crises like the Corona pandemic occur unexpectedly ("black swan events")

  • Raw material issues (nature destruction, immense CO2 pollution and waste at the end of product lifecycles)

  • Technological change with unclear standards and prevision of digital business models (old economy comes with disadvantages of cost and scale)

  • The world is transforming more dynamically then existing structures are adaptable

Market uncertainty due to environmental factors that are hard to calculate

Risk that investors in fixed assets are under-utilised or even obsolete

Future business models and fixed asset investments have to be:

designed based on cradle to cradle principle

sustainable, CO2 neutral and climate positive

scalable and as customisable as possible

extremely flexible

resilient and responsive to changes in environmental factors

Do we shape change or let change shape us?

We take the future into our own hands!

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Cradle to Cradle

Hörnlein offers the world's best engineering services for cradle-to-cradle systems.

With our various competencies we support the complete product cycle including raw material logistics in a perfectly natural circulatory system.


Cephyre - our solution for a changing world

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Implement product ideas for perfect cycles

Experience and expertise digitised

Innovative use of robots

AI -highly flexible and scalable

Cycle logistics for cradle-to-cradle


Cephyre stands for Cybernetic Engineering and Production Hyperflex Resilient Environment.

It enables high-quality,  flexible and climate-positive solutions for serial productions. Our manufacturing concept offers the highest flexibility with regard to the production of diverse and changing products. Contact us for more information!

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