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What We Are Looking For

At Hörnlein, we are on the lookout for exceptional individuals who are not just about the talk but the walk! If you are driven by achievement and purpose, have a knack for teamwork, and boast strong technical skills, you are on our radar. We appreciate those who are practical, results-oriented, and communicate effectively. We value personal responsibility, decisiveness, and above all, a genuine enthusiasm for the work you do. Ready to bring your A-game? Join us and make an impact!


Join Us Now

Got your attention? Eager to join our team but don’t see the perfect job listing? No worries! We love receiving unsolicited applications. Send your personal application letter and let us see where you fit in! Please include the following:

  • a CV formatted as a table,

  • a copy of your highest level of school-leaving certificate,

  • a copy of your professional certificate or final degree certificate and

  • a copy of your most recent work reference (where relevant)

or post your application to our office:

Hörnlein Umformtechnik GmbH

Human Resources

Perlenweg 6

D-73525 Schwäbisch Gmünd

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