The car of the future.
We at Hörnlein supply some of its most important elements.

+ Research and development + Future mobility

Are you having spätzle with lentils?
Good, then I'll have bryndzové halušky

+ Family tradition + Schwäbisch Gmünd location + Šahy location

Consume less energy, release less pollution.
That is understood by people all over the world.

+ International locations + Worldwide operations

Really zero defects? Is that possible?
Yes, it is! With a world-class level of quality management!

+ Hörnlein Excellence Modell + Shop Floor Management + Critical chain project management + Certifications

Every day something is new and different.
It is best to face this together.

+ Work culture + Real career opportunities + Become part of the team now
  • Power of innovation
  • Home
  • Global player
  • Quality management
  • Team spirit